BREAKING: Blade Runner II working on previs

Publicado: 29/09/2008 em In english

It’s true, folks! Hot source on the project states that Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner sequel is in the works under the command of veteran producer Bud Yorkin. Top screenwriters John Glenn and Travis Wright (Eagle Eye) are working on several treatments since 2006 and the current status of the story is classified, but Yorkin is in touch with previsualization team The Third Floor (all former Star Wars special effects team members) in order to work on some of the hunter sequences and space battles which occur in off-world colonies where the sequel is most likely to take place. Blade Runner II is still away from its conclusion, but it’s evolving.

Previs seems to be a vital part of the process now that the crew will be able to fix problems and reduce the need of reshoots which were a drag on the first version. If it will good or bad, only time will tell. Yorkin already mentioned that if the green light is given, he’ll bring back stars Harrison Ford, Hutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah.

  1. Rodrigo Cunha disse:

    Se for verdade será curioso. Não mais que isso. Em minha opinião, é quase impossível reproduzir aquele universo Cyberpunk da década de 80.

    Mãs, tem o Ridley Scott…

  2. Miss Joe disse:

    Tenho muuuito medo de voltas milagrosas como esta.

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