Exclusive! Punisher War Zone: Director VS. Lionsgate

Publicado: 26/07/2008 em In english
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    “They took the movie away from her!”, says producer Deborah Del Prete.

Although the Lionsgate panel at Comic-Con featuring Punisher: War Zone was an audience blast, all the attendees were informed that director Lexi Alexander wasn’t there due to her honey moon trip. On the next day, the true was unfolded as news of Lexi’s most likely being fired hit the web on an article published on Ain’t It Cool News.

Producer Deborah Del Prete, Frank Miller’s partner on The Spirit, took her shot at matter just minutes before the roundtables for her movie.

“I’ve seen the article and it’s bad. I’m very close friend with Lexi and I must tell you, it’s all wrong. She wasn’t fired, they took the movie away from her. I’ve seen her cut and it’s amazing, but someone else thought otherwise. I’ve been working with her and she’s a great director. I’ll keep on working with her and the only thing I can tell about this is that I trust her.”

Besides the bad timing for the announcement, the fact that Punisher’s producer lied to an entire audience makes us wonder: will it be good? Can we trust them after all of this? The video seemed awesome and ubberviolent, but will it reflect at the studio’s final cut?

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